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Frequently Asked Questions - Mad Catz’ Voluntary Delisting from the Toronto Stock Exchange

What does voluntary delisting from the TSX mean?
Mad Catz has applied to the Toronto Stock Exchange (“TSX”) to voluntarily delist its shares from the TSX and Mad Catz’ shares will no longer be traded on the TSX after April 15, 2016. The voluntary delisting from the TSX will not affect the continued listing of Mad Catz’ shares on the NYSE MKT.
Why has Mad Catz made the decision to voluntary delist?
The trading activity of the Company’s shares on the TSX compared to the trading activity on the NYSE MKT is very low. Indeed, over the last three months, trading of the Company’s shares on the TSX accounts for roughly 2% of the Company’s total trading volume. Accordingly, the Company believes that the limited trading volume of its shares on the TSX no longer justifies the expense and administrative complexity of maintaining a dual listing. The Company’s primary market for its shares will remain the NYSE MKT, tradable under its current symbol, “MCZ.”
If I hold Mad Catz common shares that were traded on the TSX, what do I have to do?
No action is required. Mad Catz’ common shares which were listed on the TSX are the same shares as those listed on the NYSE MKT and you may trade the common shares on the NYSE MKT.
Once the stock is delisted on the TSX will I retain the same number of shares?
Yes, you will retain the same number of shares.
Does the delisting impact the trading of Mad Catz’ common shares on the NYSE MKT?
No. Mad Catz’ common shares continue to be listed and traded on the NYSE MKT under the symbol of “MCZ.”
How do I buy or sell common shares of Mad Catz?
Mad Catz’ common shares can be purchased and sold on the NYSE MKT. Most brokers in Canada maintain ready access to the NYSE MKT exchange to support you in this process.
What if my broker cannot trade on the NYSE MKT?
We understand that most brokers in Canada, including most discount brokers, have the ability to buy and sell securities listed on the NYSE MKT. If your broker is unable to trade on the NYSE MKT in order to trade your Mad Catz common shares you will need to open an account at a broker that is able to trade on NYSE MKT.
I purchased the shares in Canadian dollars. Will the new shares be valued in US dollars?
Your shares will trade on the NYSE MKT in US dollars, and if your account trades in a Canadian trading account, the value of your shares will be converted into Canadian dollars.
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